North Central Ohio District Church of the Nazarene
Friday, July 21, 2017

WHERE: Louisville, KY

WHEN: July 8-12, 2015 
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NCO NYC Coordinator:
Paul Dennis: 
 Update 7/3/15
Mega Cavern: The waiver must be filled out and a copy of parents/guardian's license MUST accompany the form. Please have your student keep hold of the form and copy of your license until we arrive in Louisville. If you choose not to fill out the form prior to leaving, that is not a problem. The adult leaders will be able to sign for them while in Louisville. While we are at the Mega Cavern, students are NOT ALLOWED to wear open toed shoes. No flip flops, sandals, or anything like them. If your toes are showing, you will not be permitted to participate.  

Departure: On Wednesday morning, registration and check-in will begin at 8:00am at Mount Vernon First Church. It is located at 807 Coshocton Ave., Mount Vernon Ohio 43050. It is important that you are there, checked in as soon as possible so that we can make sure everyone has their shirts, knows what bus their on, get their luggage on the bus and have a seat in the sanctuary. There will be a time of announcements and instruction before we depart. Please get there BEFORE 8:30 to make sure that you are checked. 
​We are looking forward to our time together next week!​
Update 7/3/15
We have been working VERY hard to get everything ready for our departure on Wednesday morning! I know that you all are looking forward to and getting excited about our upcoming trip! I had one more quick thing to add to your packing list. It is unclear as to what kind of work we will be doing exactly. HOWEVER, we know we'll be doing some sort of manual labor. A few other things to bring with you would be: 
A Hat
Bug Spray,
Water Bottle
These things have been recommended to us from a few of the places that we will be going. 

For your Bundles of Hope items, it would be great if you all could do your best to pack those in your suitcases for the ride down to Louisville. As you can imagine, with 148 people, the storage space on the busses may be tight. So, please try to pack them in your luggage or work together with your group to pack them in a storage tub or something. 

Thanks for working on that with us! We'll see you on Wednesday!!!!
Update 6/30/15
Below you will find a packing list for both guys and girls.
If you and your group are bringing Bundles of Hope packing items, please try to put them in your suitcase or a plastic packing tub prior to arriving at Mount Vernon 1st Church so that we can pack them on the bus quickly and easily. Please don’t have your Bundles of Hope items loose. If your group could have all of your Bundles of Hope items in a different suitcase or tub, that would make packing up the bus way easier. Here is your packing list for NYC
Modest clothing. We'll be walking a lot and we will be inside a lot. Make sure that your clothing is comfortable but functional.
Jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt or jacket for
​o​ur time at the Louisville Mega Cavern. The temperature is 60 degrees underground.
Comfortable walking shoes.
Rain Coat & Umbrella
Backpack, bag or fanny pack for carrying necessary daily items.
Bible, Journal, pens.
Toiletries (Don't forget your necessary feminine hygiene)
No Soffe Shorts (Cheer shorts) Listen, if you have to bring them, only wear them inside your hotel room
No Spaghetti straps. If you are wearing a cami please have a shirt that will cover it and the straps.
Swim Suits – Girls, 1 piece or Modest 2 piece. If you question what modest is, ask your youth leader or bring a dark t-shirt
Leggings/Yoga Pants – A word of advice for NYC and for the rest of your life. They are not pants. If you are wearing legging make sure your butt is covered by a long shirt or dress.
Work clothes – be ready to paint, pull weeds, trim hedges or get dirty.
Work clothes – be ready to paint, pull weeds, trim hedges or get dirty.
Comfortable walking shoes.
Casual shorts or jeans and t-shirts for conference & convention times.
Jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt or light jacket for our time at the Louisville Mega Cavern. The temperature is 60 degrees underground.
Bible, Journal, pens.
Toiletries. Please make sure you have enough of your personal items. Ie. toothpaste, deodorant, and soaps.
Rain coat & umbrella.
Backpack for carrying necessary daily items. 
Swimsuits. Absolutely no “bikini style” Speedo. 
6/23/15 update:
Good afternoon everyone! Below are a few more questions that have come in about NYC. Please take a few minutes to look over them and make sure you are up to date on the latest info!
Q: Do you know the hotel they will be staying in?
A: We will be staying in the Louisville Marriott Downtown. This hotel is very nice. It does have a Starbucks in the Lobby. There is free wifi in the lobby. Not in the rooms. (I know, I know....) You can look the hotel up online to see other pictures etc.. 
Q:There is a waiver on the mega caverns sight. Does it need filled out?
A: If you (as a parent) would like to fill it out and bring that to Mount Vernon 1st Church on July 8th when we leave (be there at 8:15 so we can meet and talk before leaving) you will need to have the waiver filled out and provide a copy of your drivers license. HOWEVER, the adults that are going with us can sign this form for each minor present while at Louisville Mega Cavern. If you would rather sign it and have it filled out prior to leaving, by all means, print the attached form off and bring it on July 8th.  WAIVER:
Q: Were the students supposed to request room mates?
A: No. We have had several requests for students to be put into rooms with certain friends. We just can't put everyone that wants to be together, together. We have tried our best to put people that are from the same church together. While this may not have happened in every case, we did try our best to make sure that church groups were together. As you can imagine, honoring every request would be a daunting task. However, we feel that in order to maintain and build district unity, being in rooms with people that you may not know the best, could be a good thing. If there are cases where it just doesn't work out while at NYC, the adult that is over certain rooming blocks will do their best to resolve the issue at hand and will work with the students involved. 
Q: Would it help to have our MWO (Ministry With Others) stuff put together so it can be distributed easier when we get there? 
A: Yes! If you all could work together as churches to organize your MWO items before arriving to Mount Vernon 1st Church on July 8th at 8:15, that would be extremely helpful. Whether in boxes, small storage tubs or suitcases, having them separated would be extremely helpful. Please turn your items in to your youth leader/NYI president or pastor to start the sorting process! 
Q: Will there be district tshirts?  Will there be NYC shirts given out once they arrive?
A: Yes, we actually just got our district shirts in TODAY!!! It's like Christmas in my office!! We will have 2 shirts per student. One shirt will be a shirt that you keep. The other is for trading with another student from another region or district. It's a fun tradition. I am pretty sure we will be getting shirts (or something like a bag) from NYC and there will, more than likely, be a shirt from MVNU as well. You will recived your district shirt when you arrive at Mount Vernon 1st Church on July 8th at 8:15am. 

6/18/15 update:

Answers to more NYC questions!!! It is Thursday June 18th and we are a mere 20 days away. We've got a lot of prep work left to do and we didn't want to leave anyone or anything out. So, take a look at these questions and answers to stay in the know. 
Q: If we are leaving at 9am on July 8th, what time do we need to be there.
A: Please be at First Church of the Nazarene in Mount Vernon (807 Coshocton Ave, Mount Vernon Ohio 43050) no later than 8:30am. We will do a check in for everyone and have a time of info and quick pre-NYC meeting. We will be PULLING OUT by 9:00am. So, don't think you can show up at 9 and be ok. That is the time we are leaving. 
Q: How many bags can we bring? 
A: We are asking that you keep it to 1 Medium/Large bag to be stored under the bus, 1 small carry on bag (Book bag size) or purse. Remember, we're only gone for 5 days. Also, don't forget that we will be bringing a lot of extra items like diapers, baby items and other supplies for our MWO's (Ministry With Others) and the things that we are donating. Those will take up a lot of room. 
Q: If we have medication, are we supposed to keep it or turn it in to an adult? 
A: We understand that there are several of you who are responsible enough to take your own medications on a daily basis. We also understand that there are several of you that would literally walk out of the hotel without your shoes on because somehow, you forgot to put them emoticon For those of you who fall into the latter category, we will have adults who can make sure you get/take your medications.

We are quickly counting down the days until we head down to Louisville! If you have any other questions, please contact Paul Dennis, your NCO NYC coordinator!


6/4/15 update

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope this message finds each of you doing well and anticipating NYC more and more every day. Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Paul Dennis and I am the youth pastor at Lakholm Naz here in Mount Vernon. I have been working very hard for almost a year not to put together some major details for our trip to NYC. I have also spent a lot of time praying for each as I have worked with your registration forms and medical release forms. We still have a few details left to put together but all of the "big rocks" are in place.

The reason for this email is to inform you all of a few things before the trip. As many of you could understand, I have had a TON of questions. I needed to wait until now to send this information out because we had a few people drop out and a few people added to the list. I didn't want to have to send this information out twice. With all that in mind, here are just a few of the questions that I would like address now:


Q: What are the things that you need to bring for the Bundles Of Hope Project/MWO's (Ministry With Others)?

​A: ​Items Needed:

Diapers (newborn through size 6)

Training Pants (2T-4T)

Underwear (S-XL)

Hygiene items (shampoo, baby lotion, creams, etc.)

Diaper wipes


Diaper Bags


Clothes (onesies, outfits, hats)


Eating supplies (bottles, Sippy cups, silverware, plates, bowls, formula holders, etc.)

Medical Items (thermometer, snot bulb, etc.)


Along with the items above, each student is asked to provide at least 1 package of diapers:

Entering Freshman: New Born Diapers – Size 1 Diapers

Entering Sophomore: Size 2 Diapers

Entering Junior: Size 3 Diapers

Entering Senior: Size 4 Diapers

2015 High School Graduates: Size 5- Size 6 Diapers


​Q: What kind of clothing should we bring for the work day? ​

A: We will be doing some work inside and outside of different businesses and places in the Louisville area. So, simply put, wear work clothes. You know yourself. If you are allergic to poison ivy, wear pants and a long sleeve t-shirt. No open toed shoes on work day. Definitely wear clothes that you don't mind getting ruined. I am not sure if you will be painting, pulling weeds, cutting shrubs, or organizing papers. Just be ready for work.


Q: Can I request a room with a friend?

A: You may submit your requests. However, we are working towards helping our district get to know each other better. The people that are taking care of housing are doing a great job at putting you with others that you will know or be familiar with. If you are not in a room with someone you know, take that opportunity to get to know someone new and build a new friendship.


Q: When will we be leaving/returning?

A: We will be leaving from Mount Vernon 1st Church on July 8th at 9:00am. We will be riding in 3, 55 passenger charter busses. We will return to Mount Vernon 1st Church on Sunday July 12th at approximately 7pm.


Q: Will we need to bring money?

A: Yes. While your meals will be paid for on the trip, there will be things for purchase while in the convention center as well as while we are at our different locations in Louisville.


Q: What will we be doing for our "fun trip"?

A: As a district, we will be going to the Louisville Mega Cavern. We will be doing the high ropes course and also the zip lining. If you are afraid of heights there will be a place to hang out, watch and enjoy time with others. This will be an awesome experience for everyone. I have personally been on the zip line and it is AMAZING!!! Please click the link above to see what the Mega Cavern has to offer. We will also be going to 4th Street Live after our time at the Mega Cavern. There will be a few bands from NYC performing on 4th Street live that night. 4th Street Live will be free but there will be other things around 4th Street that you can participate in that you will be responsible for paying for.


While I know these aren't all the questions that you have regarding NYC, these are the ones that I have waited to field until now. If you have other questions I would ask that you start with your youth leader at your church. If your youth leader doesn't have the answer, they can compile those questions and forward them to me. This way it will help my email inbox not to get overloaded.


I am excited to be a part of this experience and trip with each of you. Thank you for allowing me to lead this trip and I look forward to meeting each of you!


Following His Lead,

Paul M. Dennis

Youth Pastor

Lakeholm Church of the Nazarene

16001 Glen Road,

Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050



Students and Adults planning to attend NYC 2015 should complete the below forms and mail to Paul Dennis (Lakeholm Church of the Nazarene, 16001 Glen Road, Mount Vernon, OH 43050)